amicus_curious wrote:

>"Richard Rasker" wrote:
>> I have 25+ years of experience in the repairs business, including
>> computer repairs, and I understand perfectly well what motivates people
>> to go out and buy new stuff:
>> - Their old stuff is "broken" -- read: infected by malware for the
>> umpteenth time, and the sales droid comes up with the suggestion that
>> "it's an old beastie, and you're probably better off buying a new one."
>> Without any improvement, of course, with regard to productivity, user
>> experience, or malware immunity. But *with* a ****load of work and a
>> hefty bill to get their favourite apps, settings and files on their
>> new machine.

>You claim that but your conclusions are not occurring in the real world


>and your own actions are well outside the normal range.

"Well outside the normal range" meaning that he's not a hapless, but
typical, Windows user, who, when his machine inevitably becomes
problematic, has little choice but to replace the machine*, unless
he's lucky-enough to know someone who will fix it for free.

*Sure, you could have "The Geek Squad" re-install Windowoes for you,
for a price. But then, that decision must be made - why dump money
into an "old" machine, when you can buy a "new and improved" one for a
bit more $$?