Linonut writes:

> After takin' a swig o' grog, William Poaster belched out this bit o' wisdom:
>> chrisv wrote:
>>> amicus_curious wrote:
>>>>(snip rat droppings)

>> I dunno why you bother responding to the asshole. Bill Weisgerber's an
>> idiot, & I've had him binned for ages.

> Everybody has to have at least one Troll-Reform ProjectĀ®. It's kind of
> like a Project Reach-AroundĀ® for COLA. We each do our part by reaching
> out to one poor, deluded, wandering soul.
> Even chrisv does his part.
> I think its sweet.

Well, well, lookee here. I see a post from Willy Boaster and it#s about
what? Yuss, Sirree!!!!!!!!!! His amazing kill files again. He *must* be
the most boring poster in the history of Usenet.