Cisco Finally Open to Open Source; Mulls Deeper Microsoft Relationship

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| But the company is finally waking up to the open source community, or at
| least the software community.
| During a chat with reporters that’s occurring right now in Dublin, Ireland,
| Cisco VP Edison Peres assured attendees that Cisco wanted to have an open
| approach to software partnerships, and mentioned the “open source” term
| without being prompted.

Software Freedom Day at Trichur - Sep 14, 15


Cisco offers up safe mapping tool as open source

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| This is the first we've come across an open source tool from Cisco. What are
| the others it has offered?

Open Source Outsourcing

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| The smart software companies like Google and Red Hat know this and respond
| directly to their users. They have already made the mistake of not
| communicating and have suffered and learned. *

Will Cisco, Microsoft Bury the Hatchet?

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| Cisco and Microsoft are cordial to each other, but they aren’t exactly the
| best of partners. *

Chambers: We're Not Plumbers Anymore *

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| In response to a question about Cisco's views on open source posed
| by Chambers responded, "I think that open source or
| open content is the future. You want to be able to create your own
| content and we want to do that empowerment."

Citizen journalism innovation using open source methodology

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| “What I like about is the possibility to use the open
| source methodology to tap on the unlimited resource of public
| journalism,” continues Helge.

Partner Progam: Vyatta Partner Program To Accelerate Adoption Of Open-Source

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| "Developing our Vyatta Ready partner program is an important step in
| the rapid growth of our global partner ecosystem, which we believe
| will make our Linux-based networking solution a standard fixture
| in growing networks and data centers around the world," said Keith
| Hartley, vice president of alliances at Vyatta.

Open source and secret sauce

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| Open source router outperforming Cisco device in test revives the
| "commodity" vs. "special purpose" debate
| [...]
| Marketing trumped technology, however. Competitors would say "you don't
| want to trust your network to a PC" -- even though it really wasn't a PC.
| And FUD prevailed. Today we can expect to hear the same comments made in
| reference to open source. Will they work this time?

Comcast invests in Vyatta, open source router maker

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| The company has raised a total of $18.5 million so far. The
| investment indicates that cable carriers are getting serious
| about chasing the small and medium sized businesses, and
| competing with the telephone companies in more than just
| consumer markets.

Free Linux router distro gains sophisticated QoS

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| A small, Linux router distribution for x86 has added QoS
| (quality-of-service) management features claimed capable of
| classifying packets regardless of port. The 1.0.beta4 release
| of Zeroshell now includes QoS software from the open source
| "L7-filter" project, along with a QoS management interface.
| Zeroshell is available as a live CD or bootable CompactFlash
| (512MB) image. It includes a Web-based user interface, and
| supports many advanced features; see our earlier coverage
| for specifics.

Vyatta Delivers Twice the Performance of Cisco at Half the Price

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| Vyatta today announced the release of independent third-party testing
| results from The Tolly Group that measured the throughput and
| performance of the open-source, x86-based Vyatta router and
| firewall appliance versus the proprietary Cisco 2821 ISR.
| "This report shatters the myth that proprietary hardware products
| are a better choice than standard x86-based systems for network
| infrastructure," said Dave Roberts, VP of strategy and marketing
| at Vyatta. "For the majority of routing applications, open-source
| software and x86-based hardware can easily address the performance
| requirements and at significantly lower price points."

Will an open source router replace your Cisco router?

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| By using VMware, I was able to get this new router up in less than 30
| minutes--as promised by the evaluation guide. In fact, half of that time
| came from downloading the file. In addition, I ended up reading some of the
| guide to learn the default login and the basics of the user interface.
| In my opinion, Vyatta shows a lot of promise. While I'm not recommending
| throwing out Cisco routers in favor of Vyatta just yet, spending 30 minutes
| to familiarize yourself with what it can do is a smart idea.

Open source router on par with Cisco, users say

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| "I'd say that any PC we could put [Vyatta OFR] on today is going to be
| way faster than Cisco. I would not be doing backbone routing with this,
| but I would not hesitate to say this will compete against Cisco
| either," Newnam said. "Well, as long as we're not switching half of
| the U.S. of course."


University dumps Cisco VOIP for open-source Asterisk

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| SHSU is in the process of moving its 6,000 students, faculty and staff off
| of Cisco CallManager IP PBXs and a legacy Nortel Meridian PBX over to Linux
| servers running Asterisk...

Dumping Cisco for open-source

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| Open-source networking trend is limited so far, but it
| could grow fast
| The open-source movement, which has long made inroads
| into corporations via Linux and other enterprise-level
| software, now has a potentially bigger target in its
| cross hairs: the PBXs and network routers from companies
| such as Cisco Systems Inc. that form the basis of
| networking infrastructure.

Cisco CEO Says Microsoft Screws Its Partners Everytime...Just Like Apple.

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| If partnering with Microsoft is not a win-win then it must be a win-lose…in
| Microsoft’s favor of course.

Cisco CEO: 'Microsoft Has Given Us a Three-Year Lead'

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| Microsoft has given us a three-year lead. And we've never lost a
| game when we've had a three-year lead... It's a battle we fully
| intend to win.

Microsoft's Worst Nightmare (Nope, Not Google)

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| The Cisco/Linksys drive into the home follows an absolutely miserable
| effort by Microsoft, which had a first-mover advantage but blew it in
| favor of its Xbox gaming play. Maybe Microsoft figured the timing just
| wasn't right. In any case, Microsoft angered a lot of digital home
| integrators who were hoping for some support to break open the
| market.

Cisco benefits as Microsoft keeps moving the goalposts

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| Forced between choosing between unified comms vendors, many users
| are reluctantly opting to use an alternative to Microsoft. Others,
| it seems, are a lot less disappointed.
| [...]
| The Microsoft partner confessed that Cisco is the preferred option. "Cisco
| has a better track record of consistency on upgrades. Whereas Microsoft?s
| new products can be a completely different kettle of fish from the last,"
| he said.

Cisco, Microsoft, Others Get Together On Security

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| Microsoft, Cisco Systems and the open-standards Trusted Computing
| Group each developed their own NAC approaches, which use a variety
| of software and hardware to boost network security.

Can Microsoft and Cisco Still Be Pals?

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| That puts it in direct competition with Microsoft, which is No. 2
| with its Live Meeting service. Microsoft's big push will come in
| June when it begins producing a host of products, including Microsoft
| Office Communicator 2007.

Why the world needs openness, not interoperability.

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| This NAC/NAP lovefest would be laughable if it weren't such
| a kick-in-the-teeth to the rest of the industry, enterprise IT, and
| all Internet users. A Cisco/Microsoft oligopoly stalls implementation,
| stifles innovation, and makes the network less secure. In this way, Cisco
| and Microsoft are standing in the way of progress.