Linux World China 2007 and Software Freedom Day preview

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| The venue was also full of Microsoft folks trying to start a chat with
| visitors.


"Microsoft seems to have hijacked Linux Asia"

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| Was the general feel amongst the attendees at Linux Asia 2007;
| MS however, just wanted to say ''let us walk hand-in-hand''

Linux vendors and Microsoft follow the money

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| Novell's recently unpopular chief executive was doing more than reading from
| a crudely scripted speech when he told LinuxWorld to get with the program and
| deal with Microsoft and mixed source. *

Did LinuxWorld survive Microsoft's Mike Hall?

Here's the Linux Foundation doing its stupid thing:

Linux-Microsoft Lovefest at LinuxWorld Expo

LinuxWorld: It's About The Apps (Dummy)! *

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| Microsoft's appearance was an unexpected highlight. I half expected
| to be inundated by Microsoft messaging and materials about what
| Microsoft is doing with Novell. Instead, the Redmondites just
| mingled with the open sourcers, chatting them up about what
| they thought about the show and, of course, Microsoft.