Users insert virus source code into Wikipedia pages

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| In an exclusive report, Wikinews has learned that on Wednesday, January 16,
| 2008, two users, one anonymous and the other only known as MODX added code
| onto Wikipedia for a computer virus known as the LoveLetter virus or the
| ILOVEYOU virus.
| The users were inserting the VBScript code on various pages on Wikipedia
| including the Wikipedia Sandbox, a page used for testing Wikicode without
| causing errors on other pages.Users insert virus source code into Wikipedia
| pages

And they say Linux is about 'hackers' and the vandals... no, not Windows.


Wikipedia: No Place for PR

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| Anyone assigned to manage a product or person's image is advised to tread
| cautiously in this open source world. In January 2007, Microsoft was ordered
| off Wikipedia when it was discovered that the company had paid a blogger to
| tweak an entry for Microsoft Office Open XML format. *
| As a form of punishment, Wikipedia published part of an e-mail from a
| Microsoft employee to the Australian blogger, asking him to edit the article.
| Policing the pages gets more complicated. What if it's not a company or a PR
| agency? It depends on the bias of the editing. *
| Bias on Wikipedia is not tolerated. Last year, the site banned for one week
| edits coming from the IP addresses belonging to U.S. congressional staffers
| when it was revealed that some had been editing and censoring articles about
| elected officials. In the old days, governments used to ban the publication
| of literature. In the Web 2.0 world, publishers are banning -- or at least
| censoring -- the government. * *

Edit by Microsoft Corp.:

Microsoft Hires Programmer to edit Wikipedia Entry For OOXML

Microsoft Program Manager: Wikipedia is a Giant Joke

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| I am especially amused by all the bits in red font since they are
| either borderline libel or just straight up hilarious.