Jihadi software promises secure Web contacts

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| The Mujahideen Secrets 2 was promoted as "the first Islamic program for
| secure communications through networks with the highest technical level of
| encoding."


So all that 'war on terrorism' and fileting is pointless, unless they just
intercept /EVERYTHING/ that is encrypted. That's the whole reason for this
stupidity -- the filtering equipment will just do political censorship, not
stop paedophiles and terrorism. Those who benefit are the ones selling the

Even illegalising PGP won't help in this case.

It's like those pointy-haired RIAA bullies who think that DRM will stop sharing
of media and will not hurt innocent customers.

Other madness on the Web: trademarking "cyberlaw".

Cyberlaw and cyberlawgs

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| Eric Menhart may call himself a cyberlawyer, but we think he has a lot of
| learn about cyberlaw -- and common sense. Menhart is the author of a blog
| about cyberlaw issues called, logically if not innovatively,


Well, Apple is already policing the "i" and the "pod" (see below).


You can't have an iGasm, says Apple

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| So I was a little upset when Apple got its legal department to issue
| a cease and desist style demand against the Ann Summers adult retail
| group in regard to a sex toy called, rather superbly I think, the iGasm.


"Mysterious company" censors unflattering Steve Jobs video

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| While Robert X. Cringely says that the posting of five minutes of
| the show was probably in breach of copyright, he hadn't complained
| and neither had the programme maker Oregon Public Broadcasting.
| The take down notice came from an outfit called NBD Television,
| which neither Cringely or Oregon Public Broadcasting had heard of.


Apple failing to understand open source

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| There is a cost for not being a good Open Source citizen and that
| cost is loss of goodwill in the community. That loss is more
| expensive in the long run than Apple realizes.


How Apple orchestrated web attack on researchers

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| Apple is a mega corporation that nearly smashed the reputation of
| two individuals with bogus claims of fraud. It didn't matter
| that they weren't the ones pulling the trigger because they
| were pulling all the strings.


Lily Allen slates Apple's iTunes tactics

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| Apple accused of bullying musicians into providing exclusive
| content for iTunes


Apple Bullies Bloggers, Again

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| Apple has a history of using lawyers against bloggers. There was
| the now infamous Think Secret lawsuit, which may have had merit.
| But they also engage in clearly superfluous, bullying tactics as well.
| [...]
| The offending download page is here (the software has now been
| removed). Blogger Paul O'Brien simply linked to this download
| page and included a screenshot of the user interface and also
| received a cease & desist letter from Apple's lawyers.


Latest Leopard build from Apple suggests much work ahead

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| Please Note: This article has been removed temporarily for edits at
| the request of Apple Inc.