IPhone's UK sales disappoint

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| The paper says that between Apple, O2 and the Warehouse, only about 190,000
| handsets were sold in the first two months against a target of 200,000.


Maybe Apple engineers should have just with Linux (they were going to).


"Linux is a very complete and sophisticated operating system. And there is a
lot of work being done to improve it in and of itself, particularly to make it
easier to use and easier for people to set up on their personal computers."

--Paul Maritz, top executive at Microsoft


A Linux-powered iPhone

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| The most interesting part on Wired magazine's revelation was during iPhone’s
| software development. On a very tight deadline to finish the iPhone right on
| time, Apple software engineers looked carefully at Linux, since it had
| * * * ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| already been rewritten for use on mobile phones. But, Linux on iPhone was
| denied by Steve Jobs for the reason that he do not want to utilize someone
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| else’s software. Just imagine the endless possibilities had Steve agreed. It
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| would have been a big break for Linux, and iPhone could have been a much more
| powerful and smarter mobile device. It would have been a jaw-dropping
| combination of beauty and brains. * * * *
| Since Linux powered iPhone is now far from reality, I have here some photos
| of make-believe iPhone running with a GNOME desktop and with a Firefox web
| browser. *


Four billion embedded systems shipped in '06


Microsoft cans key conference

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| SOFTWARE giant Microsoft has decided that it does not love its popular Mobile
| and Embedded DevCon any more and has pulled the plug.



Closed iPhone opens road for Linux phones

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| With iPhone a closed platform, Linux gets an wide-open road for phones and
| other smart devices