Don’t Hold Your Breath for a Vista Computer

Can't get people to buy and stick with Vista. Microsoft is already spinning the
figures in any way possible.

Linux's Free System
Is Now Easier to Use,
But Not for Everyone

"It makes sense that all the best software brains can't be located in just two
places: Redmond, Wash., where Microsoft is based, and Cupertino, Calif.,
Apple's base. And plenty of people reading this have had lots of frustrations
with the two better-known operating systems, especially Windows, whose latest
iteration, Vista, is disappointing in many ways."

It's the New York Times that appears to be shilling for the convicted monopoly
abuser quite frequently.


Linux Shoots for Big League of Servers

,----[ Quote ]
| Mr. Walsh, chief information officer for the Tyco International Ltd.
| unit Earth Tech, wanted to do more than the simple chores that are most
| often handled by Linux. He decided to shift one of the company's most
| crucial pieces of software -- an Oracle Corp. enterprise resource
| planning system -- off Sun Microsystems Inc. servers and its Solaris
| operating system.

Google, Salesforce in talks to form alliance: WSJ

,----[ Quote ]
| Google Inc. and Inc. are in talks for an alliance
| that could help them compete better against Microsoft Corp., the
| Wall Street Journal reported on its Web site on Monday.

Vista Suffers a Lot Of Criticism, but Not All of It Is Undeserved

,----[ Quote ]
| Vista was released in January, after years of delay; "The Wow Starts
| Now" proclaimed Microsoft's ads. Upon introduction, Vista got its
| share of favorable reviews, but there has since been a lot of
| griping. A reviewer for one big tech Web site ran Vista for a
| month and pronounced it not ready for the market, although he
| was immediately flamed by readers...

Linux Starts to Find Home on Desktops

,----[ Quote ]
| The much-hyped notion that Linux would be viable software to run desktop
| and notebook PCs seemed dead on arrival a few years ago. But the idea
| is showing some new vital signs.

Microsoft upgrades Internet Explorer, but not much is new

,----[ Quote ]
| The new Internet Explorer is a solid upgrade, but
| it's disappointing that after five years, the best
| Microsoft could do was to mostly catch up to smaller
| competitors.

The Wall Street Journal: You Say You Want a Revolution

,----[ Quote ]
| "On the top floor of an otherwise nondescript shopping mall in south
| Jakarta, a little revolution is taking root.
| "Perched between a meatball-soup stall and a department store stands
| a modest Internet café called SoNet, indistinguishable from others that
| dot the Indonesian capital. It's only if you step up to one of the 11
| computer screens that you might notice their desktop software looks ab
| it different: It's not Microsoft Windows, although it looks a lot like it,
| with its start menus, buttons and windows. And it's not Apple, although
| with its color palette and uncluttered screen perhaps it could be. It's
| something called Ubuntu.."