KDE 4.1 Release Schedule, Coming In July

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| Here is the KDE 4 release schedule for the next couple of months, as shared
| this morning at the KDE 4.0 release event keynote by Aaron Seigo. KDE 4.0.1
| will be released later this month with minor maintenance releases coming
| every month. KDE 4.1 is planned for release this July with much polishing
| since KDE 4.0.0.
| January - KDE 4.0.1
| February - KDE 4.0.2
| March - KDE 4.0.3
| April - KDE 4.0.4
| May - KDE 4.0.5
| June - KDE 4.0.6
| July - KDE 4.1.0
| August - KDE 4.1.1


First impressions: KDE 4.0

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| CARDS on the table time - I'm a KDE man at heart. There, I've said it - let
| the KDE v Gnome flame war begin! But seriously, I'm not knocking Gnome at
| all, it's just that personally I prefer KDE. Yes, it is bloated, and no, I
| probably don't use half of the applications that come with it by default
| (does anyone?). However, it is the desktop environment I keep returning to
| which, without revisiting the same tired old debate, surely says something.


KDE and the Linux Kernel.

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| Just returned from a break-out session with some kernel developers who are
| here at Google where we discussed a couple of things that can be improved in
| the current Linux kernel for a better user experience. We, that is a group of
| KDE people from different areas, among which aseigo, Dirk, Thiago, Will,
| Zack -- in randomly alphabetical order. Kernel people in this session include
| Andrew Morton, Daniel Phillips and Gary Greene.



KDE 4's next step, version 4.1 in 2008

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| After years of development and preparation, the KDE open source desktop
| community celebrated the much-anticipated version 4.0 release this month, but *
| the word among the project's leaders is version 4.1 will only be a further
| six to nine months away. *


KDE 4 Brings Improvements Galore to the Linux Desktop

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| The next generation of KDE, the popular Linux desktop environment, has
| arrived. KDE 4.0 features a completely re-written core with new multimedia
| libraries, better hardware abstraction and
| desktop eye candy that puts Windows Vista to shame.
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Goodbye Vista, KDE 4.0 Has Arrived!

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| There are only few people who know that if you look out of your 'Windows',
| the world is much more vivid and beautiful. Apple is known for its good
| looks, but it’s excessively expensive, while Vista is a big disappointment
| (check Tech Cold War 2007!). Now, there is GNU/Linux which, in fact, is free
| and offers much more options and freedom than Windows or Mac. One of the most
| popular desktop environments on GNU/Linux platform has come out in a new
| flavour - KDE 4.0.