Releases : Zenwalk 5.0 has been released !

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| Since the conception of Zenwalk the decision was made to focus on simplicity
| and optimum performance. You will be happy to learn that Zenwalk 5.0 even
| while being a major release continues to follow those very same principles.

Quote for the day:

"Microsoft did sponsor the benchmark testing and the NT server was better tuned
than the Linux one. Having said that, I must say that I still trust the
Windows NT server would have outperformed the Linux one."

--Ian Hatton, Windows platform manager, Microsoft South-Africa

Reference: Outrage at Microsoft’s independent, yet sponsored NT
4.0/Linux research


Zenwalk 5: A Distribution Worth Trying

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| After using Zenwalk 5.0 Beta quite a bit since its release, we haven't hit
| any show-stopping bugs and have found these improvements to be quite modest.
| If you are new to Linux or just looking to try out a different distribution,
| we feel that Zenwalk 5.0 is a great lightweight Linux desktop worth trying
| out. * *

First Look at Zenwalk Linux 5.0-Beta

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| Zenwalk is a Slackware-based Linux distribution designed to be slim, fast,
| complete and beautiful. It provides the latest stable versions for the
| included software and it’s optimized for high performance. It’s not bloated
| like most other distributions as it only provides one application for each
| task, but at the same time, it’s ready for common daily tasks out-of-the-box. * *

Review: Zenwalk 4.8 - Does Easier Mean Easy?

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| Hey folks sorry for the delay, I seem to say that at the start of every
| article but the festive season has caused havoc lately. Anyway, I've been
| running Zenwalk 4.8 almost a week now and it did give some me more time to
| get a feel for it. I'd been told it was Slackware without the hassle, I'd
| even been told it was good for new users. Could this be true? Here's how I
| got on in my week with Zenwalk... * *


Zenwalk Live 4.8

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| One of my favorites, ZenWalk, just released Zenwalk 4.8 Live. Both Zenwalk
| and Vector — the top Xfce-based, Slackware-derived distributions — are very
| good, but I like the way Zenwalk looks and works just that much better. *

Zenwalk Live 4.8 Released!

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| With great joy the Zenwalk Live Team presents Zenwalk Live 4.8. This new
| release features the speed, stability and usability of Zenwalk Gnu/Linux with
| several new features geared towards Linux Live CD users. From the beginning
| our goal was to make this the best Live CD ever and it makes us proud to
| offer it to the world. * *

Zenwalk 4.8 Review

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| I am just in love with xfce based distributions; they are fast, simple and
| elegant and Zenwalk is no exception. It has a really good control center and
| out-of-box multimedia support. *

Releases : Zenwalk 4.8 is ready

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| The Zenwalk Team is happy to announce the Zenwalk 4.8 release.
| After several release-candidates, it seems that we are ready for a very
| stable release. Overall, testers have found Zenwalk 4.8 the fastest version
| ever. *

ReviewLinux.Com: Zenwalk 4.8 Review

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| A quick look at the new Zenwalk 4.8 released on October 6 2007. This
| Slackware based Linux OS was a pleasure to look at and test. Several images
| guide you through the install and a short flash video at the end to show you
| Zenwalk 4.8 in action. *