Sun SPOT technology set for open source

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| Sun is expected to announce next week that it will make the Sun SPOT (Small
| Programmable Object Technology) device platform available via open source,
| but a user expressed concerns about Sun's commitment to the technology.

New HP Tool Tracks Open-Source, Free Apps at Work

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| Hewlett-Packard has launched the FOSSology Project, a tool for tracking and
| monitoring the use of free and open-source software within an IT environment.


Scary news for Microsoft in HP's earnings call

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| HP never saw a "Vista moment at any time over the past year" declared HP CEO
| Mark Hurd in yesterday's earnings call.
| [...]
| Think about that. These are markets that don't need Vista, that have no
| institutional memory of Windows (over the Mac or Linux). These are markets
| that are wide open for real competition (and real innovation).
| Again, this is great news for every person on the planet...except Microsoft
| shareholders.

HP To Expand Effort On Linux PCs

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| Hewlett-Packard, the world's Number 1 PC maker, will try selling pre-loaded
| Linux on PCs in several countries as it expands a test program -- evaluating
| a market that some competitors have already entered -- as it moves its
| personal computer business into a new generation of form factors and
| functionality. * *

HP launches Linux desktop in Australia

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| The dx2250 HP desktop ships with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 Desktop
| pre-loaded, which includes Firefox, OpenOffice and the Evolution e-mail
| client. Red Hat will handle technical support for the system. *

HP: Linux ready for mission-critical apps

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| On whether the availability of different flavors of Linux will affect its
| adoption for mission-critical applications, Hergett said he did not think so.
| "In some ways it actually gives those decision makers more flexibility and
| more choices to choose from," he explained, adding that Unix has several
| iterations, too, and decision makers are "used to having that choice". *

Next Gen, Mission-Critical Apps To Be Deployed on Linux Says Report

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| By now it should be obvious to even the most casual industry observers
| that Linux operating systems - and open source-based software in general -
| have reached critical marketplace mass. Recent Linux deals and
| announcements by Oracle and Microsoft have only reinforced the "open
| source is enterprise-grade" message that IBM, Unisys and other "Master
| Brand" hardware, software and services vendors have been preaching for
| years. In short, open source, especially Linux, is becoming "legitimized"
| by the major vendors for enterprise environments, and user executives
| are more than happy to believe them.

CIO study finds Linux ready for prime-time

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| The company predicts a steep rise: only 18 percent of businesses
| will be using Linux in business-critical roles by the end of 2007.
| "Linux operating systems - and open source-based software in general
| - have reached critical marketplace mass," said the study's authors,
| Bruce Guptill and Bill McNee of Saugatuck Research.