3Com's Hilton to Address State of Open Source

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| RT: What trends are you noticing in the communications market?
| SH: It’s all about applications, solutions and employees’ needs to perform &
| react quickly in their marketplace. This phenomenon is driving Open Source,
| Open Services and Everything as a Service (xAAS).


Open Source M&A

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| Why Buy an Open Source Company, The Obvious
| I am sure that the 451 report was a prompted by yesterday’s acquisition of
| MySQL by Sun but what’s of interest is not just the what and how much but the
| why. The obvious reasons are outlined in the brief.
| * Expansion of a Solutions Portfolio - In Sun’s case buying MySQL allows
| them to offer an end-to-end solution for app servers (App Server, DB,
| OS). This is the same thing Oracle’s doing with Unbreakable Linux, the
| proprietary BEA, their own DB, and the the apps companies they have
| acquired over the last few years. They now can boast a very broad
| portfolio that ultimate capitalizes on their biggest asset, the Oracle
| database.
| * Entrance into New Markets - As the 451 report notes Yahoo’s acquisition
| of Zimbra for $350 million gives them a stepping stone into new markets.
| This is no different than IBM’s acquisition of proprietary Cognos who
| gave IBM a stepping stone into the business intelligence application
| market, a place where IBM CEO Steve Mills said he wasn’t going to play.
| [...]
| Predictions for 2008
| Looking at the landscape this year I think there are other acquisitions
| coming. My top pick would be Red Hat’s acquisition of EntepriseDB to give
| them OS, App Server, and DB parity with Oracle. I would guess that SugarCRM
| might be a tasty snack for SAP. Only time will tell.



US OMB pushes for software as a service

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| A top official with the U.S. White House's Office of Management and Budget
| (OMB) gave her strongest endorsement yet to software as a service, saying
| Wednesday it can help federal agencies cut development costs. *



The secret to Red Hat's success

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| How can Red Hat stay in business when CentOS is giving away Red Hat code for
| free?
| The answer is because Red Hat is also giving away Red Hat code for free.
| [...]
| CentOS stands a good chance of putting downward pressure on the price of
| RHEL, but only as one part of the commodification of operating systems and
| other software. Hardware has already been through this phase, and as the
| process works its way through the software stack, it will be helped by the
| growing trend to virtualization. * *