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| PackageKit aims to take the pain out of the package management on GNU/Linux
| systems and create a system that can compete with Windows and Mac.
| Development is proceeding at a rapid pace and it is set to be available in
| Fedora 9. To find out more, we talked to Richard Hughes, project creator, and
| Robin Norwood, the Fedora feature owner; as always, you can catch some
| screenshots at the end!

Spinning a Fedora Linux Live CD

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| Want to build your own live CD? Christopher Negus describes how you can use
| the Fedora Project's livecd-creator to draw from thousands of Fedora software
| packages, making the exact live CD you want.


Fedora 8 Tips Topper

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| Fedora 8, the company's community-developed Linux distribution arrived in
| early December as planned and was bumped to version 8.0.1 before the end of
| the year. The biggest changes to the distribution in this trip to the
| haberdasher are numerous targeted installations, dubbed “Spins” by the Red
| Hat team behind its development. Also included are desktop graphic
| enhancements that make this free Linux distribution behave more like its
| commercial competition from Apple and Microsoft.
| [...]
| Desktop users will likely notice some graphical additions to their windows
| and scroll bars, as Fedora 8.0.1 includes Compiz Fusion. Compiz Fusion is
| installed by default, but must be enabled by the user in the system
| preferences. Once enabled, Compiz Fusion brings window morphing and desktop
| rotation into the user experience, and has been compared to Mac OS X’s Spaces
| feature.

Fedora 8 renews tradition of innovations

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| This release makes it obvious that the Fedora community prides itself on
| innovation. *

Community Welcomes Fedora 8 With Strong Download Numbers

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| Fedora 8 offers both GNOME and KDE-based Live CDs and a general-purpose
| installable DVD for workstations and servers. It also includes improved Live
| USB support, making it possible to install, boot and run the entire
| distribution off of a USB key without touching the computer's hard disk at
| all. This enhancement makes Fedora attractive to those who wish to experiment
| with Linux without risking their data. * *

Upgrade from 32-bit to 64-bit Fedora Linux without a system reinstall

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| Updating from Fedora 7 i386 to Fedora 8 x86_64 isn't supported, and many
| folks will tell you to just reinstall in order to move to a 64-bit Linux.
| However, I managed to resolve the main problems when doing a yum update in a
| single day. Your mileage will vary depending on what third-party repositories
| you're using, how much software you've installed by hand, and how dependent
| your software is on the system libraries. * *