The First Day of the KDE 4.0 Release Event

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| Overall, the first day of the KDE 4.0 Release Event was productive and a
| great opportunity to meet - especially for those who are unable to reach the
| European-centric annual event Akademy. Stay tuned to the Dot and Planet KDE
| for more coverage of this event, including the "official" scheduled
| happenings of tomorrow!

Design Your Own Desktop with KDE 4

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| Of course, no new Linux environment is complete without super-powerful,
| endlessly tweak-able Compiz-ish desktop effects, and KDE 4's got 'em in
| spades. If you want your windows or menus to move a certain way, chances are
| you can do it.

KDE 4.0: Everything that has an end, has a beginning

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| A confession: I was among the many who griped publicly (and privately) about
| KDE 4.0's release date. I thought KDE 4.0 was not ready for release and
| should be held back until it was. (Hey, my wife and my dog listened to me. So
| there.)
| Why? There were two main reasons.
| First, one of the things I've loved the most about KDE is its large range of
| configuration options. For example, there's about a gazillion things you can
| do with the "kicker panel" (a.k.a. the taskbar) at the bottom of the screen
| in KDE 3.5.7.


Konqueror 4.0 brings some vast improvements.

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| KDE 4.0 was released several days back, and thanks to the KDE Four Live CD, I
| was able to give it a try with very little effort. Having used it for about a
| day and a half now, I’d like to share some of my impressions of this new
| release of KDE.

KDE4 offers new glitzy look

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| Another new feature is Dolphin, a new file browser that among other things
| can present thumbnails of images and let users add captions and star ratings.
| A revamped Systems Settings interface resembles Mac OS X's approach, with
| different options split into related categories.
| Cosmetically, KDE has new artwork, including graphical elements such as
| buttons and window frames, called Oxygen.

Oh, Good Lord! It's Windows Vista!

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| In conclusion, the experience I just had with Windows Vista has lowered my
| opinion of Microsoft by 50%. My laptop runs XP and has 512 MB, and it's
| really fast! Vista's minimum is supposed to be 1 GB, but it should still run
| at least decently at half of that! But no, it doesn't. Microsoft, you have
| disappointed me. * *