Here Comes Trouble: An Antidote to Software Patents

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| The $250 million Vonage burned through as a result of the patent lawsuit
| brought by Verizon et al provides yet another example of why patents for
| business processes implemented on computers (a.k.a. software patents) deserve
| to die. Verizon’s two successful “name translation” patents negate an open
| standard assembled by Cisco, Microsoft, IBM, Intel and Vocaltec via the VoIP
| Forum during 1996. The threat of patent litigation cleared the landscape of
| independent VoIP companies the VoIP Forum sought to make possible.

Verizon Sues Cox for IP Patent Infringement

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| Now Verizon is going after Cox, which has more than 2.1 million IP telephony
| customers.

IP-watch: Online Content, Patent Reform Are Key For Europe In 2008

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| EU governments on 22 November approved the main elements of a pan-European
| patent litigation system (IPW, European Policy, 23 November 2007). The
| proposal for such a system has been under discussion for several years but
| stalled after it was reintroduced in 2006.

Re: patents on Frets on Fire, Pydance, StepMania and such games

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| Software patents continue to chill adoption of innovations. Fight the
| corresponding legislation at every opportunity.

Quote for the day:

"Strangely, after the court of appeals decision [denying public access to the
depositions], [Mr. Gates] suddenly became available for tomorrow morning."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * --David Boies, Special trial counsel for the DOJ


Amazon Sneaks One-Click Past the Patent System

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| By changing the word 'a' to 'the' and adding the phrase 'purchasable through
| a shopping cart model,' lawyers for have apparently managed to
| reinstate two of CEO Jeff Bezos' 1-Click Patent claims that were rejected a
| month earlier.

Patent Reformers O'Reilly, Bezos Mum on 1-Click

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| Equally untalkative was Bezos, who deflected questions on the damage done by
| Calveley's DIY legal effort, telling a Wall Street analyst to 'refer to our
| public filings' (although nothing on the subject appears in the 8-K and 10-Q
| filings).

USPTO Increases Scope Of Amazon's 1-Click Patent

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| It apparently found its way into the hands of a sympathetic (and impatient)
| USPTO Examiner who had earlier defended his friends for approving 1-Click
| in the first place and referred 1-Click naysayers to a letter to the WSJ
| penned by the ex-Commissioner for Patents.