Microsoft clocks up 500 patents in two months

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| However, the company also begun a broad intellectual property licensing push
| several years ago, under which it licenses technology to many companies big
| and small. The company has signed a slew of patent cross licensing deals
| since then, the most recent being Tuesday's deal with Japan's JVC.
| Trolling through filings can offer a glimpse of where a company is headed,
| but as with Apple's closely watched patent filings, seeing something in a
| patent application is far from a guarantee of what will eventually ship.

Where the Heck is Canossa?

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| I wrote back: "I'm trying to understand how logistically this will work. Is
| there some sort of 'clean room' in place to keep Mandriva developers from
| seeing any Turbolinux code that might fall under the alleged Microsoft
| patents or any code that Microsoft may have directly contributed to
| Turbolinux?"
| "The 10 or so engineers working in Manbo Labs have no access to any of the
| Turbo technology that is not is the lab scope. And everything in that scope
| is GPL," Banchilon replied.
| Not content with explaining it just to me, Banchilon reiterated these
| technical aspects, with more detail, on the Mandriva blog today.
| Specifically, he indicated what the scope of Manbo Labs would be:
| * The scope of work is about 100 low-level RPMs, all in GPL
| * Product will be available for public release under GPL
| * Development is public, made on our Cooker environment and associates
| the community
| Is that enough to assuage the fears of the community? Hopefully so. I think
| the two companies need to help each other technically and it sounds as if
| Mandriva is taking care not to get involved in Microsoft's shenanigans.
| It's a matter to trust. Mandriva has not compromised their values before, and
| I think that's earned them the benefit of the doubt.

Just lots of uncertainty and not m/any definite answers.


Mandriva/TurboLinux partnership raises questions

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| The delay in the announcement is particularly interesting, especially for the
| fact that last October was also the month that Microsoft and TurboLinux
| entered into a collaboration agreement, complete with the ever-dubious patent
| agreements. *
| Seeing as Mandriva had refused to enter such an agreement with Microsoft, it
| may have wanted the dust to settle on the Microsoft/TurboLinux deal before
| going public on the partnership. This was probably worsened by the fact that
| it was in open conflict with Microsoft over a deal with the Nigerian
| government. Mandriva accused the Redmondians of hijacking the deal, but
| eventually won the contract. * *

Mandriva and Turbolinux Announce a Partnership and Create a Joint Development
Lab Called Manbo-Labs

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| Turbolinux Noriko Otake, or International Business
| Division, +81-3-5766-1142 or Mandriva Vanessa Wall,
| +33-(0)1-40-41-97-29 Mandriva and Turbolinux announce a
| partnership by creating a lab named: Manbo-Labs. This Lab is the result of an
| agreement between Mandriva and Turbolinux to share resources and technology
| to release a common base system on each
| of the Linux distributions.