The Chinese government plans to regulate online games more tightly

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| He said, according to China Daily, that one such measure would be to support
| certain games as "green" games. Games that in his opinion encouraged killing
| and gambling in order to increase their attractiveness to players and profits
| for the manufacturers would have to meet more onerous conditions in future in
| order to be authorized.

Also new (and unsurprising):

China overtakes the USA in its number of internet users

The Inquirer was blocked by China starting last month. And now this?

Mike Magee to leave the INQUIRER

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| FOUNDER of the INQ, Mike Magee, is to leave the magazine at the end of
| February.

Welcome to the new WWW. You can only watch 'healthy' content and the West is
becoming more like China all the time.


China limits providers of Internet video

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| China has decided to restrict the broadcasting of Internet videos — including
| those posted on video-sharing Web sites — to sites run by state-controlled
| companies and require providers to report questionable content to the
| government. *

China cracks down on 'vulgar' video

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| China is launching a nationwide crackdown on sexually suggestive video and
| audio products, in the latest effort by government censors to curb content
| considered to be in bad taste.