Free software conference in Colombia

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| The first International Conference on Free Software, Technological Literacy
| and Solidarity Economy took place in Bogot√° (Colombia) from 13th to 15th of
| November. More than 80 speakers and 600 assistants attended at the the
| Tequendama Hotel, a traditional meeting point in the city.

Needless to mention, Microsoft corrupts Colombia (examples at the bottom).

Linux seems to be doing Dell well.

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| Going through my daily news fix I came across this story titled Dell seen
| back to strong growth. In this article it states that Dell has seen some
| rapid expansion in the forth quarter due to rapid growth in the retail side
| of things.


Dell's Ubuntu Laptops

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| The non-free drivers necessary to support the modem and the wireless network
| card were pre-installed. No preinstalled third-party junk, either, which is a
| refreshing change from Dell's Windows machines. ¬*

Dell announces Ubuntu 7.10 PCs with DVD playback

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| It has long been possible to play DVDs on Linux. However, with most Linux
| distributions, it is necessary to manually enable this functionality. That is
| because while the user may legally own both the DVD he or she is trying to
| play and the computer it's being played on, in the United States, enabling
| open-source-based operating systems to play commercial DVDs, with their wide
| variety of DRM (digital rights management) schemes, is something of a legal
| swamp. There are legal ways around this, and presumably Dell has invested in
| one of them.

Gates promotes PC training in Colombia

,----[ Quote ]
| The government and Microsoft also two signed agreements Monday
| stressing Uribe's strong commitment to Microsoft products at a
| time other countries in the region are promoting the non-proprietary
| Linux operating system.