Adaptec targets SANs with iSCSI

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| It uses the same hardware as current high-end SnapServers, but with the
| addition of an Adaptec hardware RAID controller, up to four Gigabit Ethernet
| ports and a new operating system called OnTarget OS. Like Adaptec's current
| GuardianOS, this is Linux-based, but where GuardianOS supports NAS and iSCSI,
| OnTarget is iSCSI-only and can only serve up block storage, not files.


Adaptec To Unveil New OnTarget Technology

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| Adaptec offers pre-built, stand-alone NAS and iSCSI SAN storage devices,
| as well as combination NAS/SAN appliances, under its Snap brand
| exclusively to indirect sales channels. Those devices are based one of two
| of its Linux-based proprietary operating systems, SnapOS and GuardianOS.
| It is unsure which of the two operating systems Adaptec is using with
| OnTarget. However, channel sources said OnTarget is a Linux-based
| solution.

QLogic iSCSI HBAs First in the Linux Kernel

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| QLogic Corp., a leading provider of iSCSI HBAs, today announced
| the availability of the industry's first iSCSI HBA functionality
| to be accepted into the "upstream" Linux kernel.