"Port Windows-based games to the Linux platform."

From hero to zero, just like ATI?


Id Software and Valve violating GPLs!

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| I just wanted to post it here because I thought people should know that iD
| and Valve are together taking advantage of other peoples work without even
| giving them credit.

Days ago:

New commercial Linux game slated by year end

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| "Our decision to support Linux was based on it being the right thing to do,
| not some in-depth analysis of the business case. We want to play a part in
| getting more games on the platform because we think long-term that benefits
| both Linux gamers and the indie development community that Hothead is a part
| of." * *

Eve Online for Mac and Linux operating systems

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| Today CCP Games and TransGaming Partner announce to Bring EVE Online to new
| platforms, being Linux and Mac. By the end of this year it should be possible
| to play Eve on a Mac, finally! *
| On linux it was already possible through Cedega or a good configured WINE,
| but now nothing extra will be needed.