Roy Schestowitz wrote:

"In an interview, MacAskill said MySQL has performance and concurrency
issues when it's paired with InnoDB, the most widely used storage engine
for the database. In particular, the problems affect systems with
multicore processors. "That's turning out to be a pretty major
scalability roadblock for a lot of us," he said.

Google Inc. and other MySQL users have created patches designed to fix
the performance problems. But MacAskill said that the open-source vendor
has yet to add the patches to the database, despite requests that it do
so from him and other users.

"I often wonder why they haven't been accepted and just pushed into the
MySQL release," he said"


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That's why.

"MySQL officials said the patch question is now Sun's to answer - even
though the acquisition isn't expected to be completed until late this
quarter or early in the second quarter. Sun couldn't immediately be
reached for comment on the issue. "

Yeah, yeah.

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