KDE 4's next step, version 4.1 in 2008

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| After years of development and preparation, the KDE open source desktop
| community celebrated the much-anticipated version 4.0 release this month, but
| the word among the project's leaders is version 4.1 will only be a further
| six to nine months away.


Editorial: KDE 4.0, A Call for Perspective

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| KDE 4.0 was released last week and all hell seemed to break loose. What I
| view as a solid first step in a very positive reaction was met with some
| applause, but generally scorn and complaints. I think some perspective is
| needed, and I humbly offer to try and provide some. I’d like to take issue
| with some things I see that are just plain wrong.


KDE4: Get More Widgets

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| KDE 4.0 by default comes with just few necessary widgets. To get access to
| few more widgets install the extragear-plasma package for your distribution.



Ten Tips for KDE 4.0 Beginners

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| # Enabling KWin effects
| KWin’s new 3D effects work great on my computer, but they were not enabled by
| default. To turn them on, open System Settings and click Desktop. Simply
| check the Enable desktop effects box and click Apply.