Hats off to those who made free software into a successful business

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| The genius of the successful open-source companies, therefore, was to
| recognize a value niche between the chaos of truly free software and the
| large license fees of proprietary software like Windows. They sell
| open-source subscriptions at a fraction of proprietary license fees--that
| offer a stable, supported product to risk-averse corporate customers.
| Add it up, and it's worth a pretty penny--or a billion dollars to Sun.


New Study Indicates That Open Source Software’s Presence Will Increase from
Approximately 10 Percent of Key User on-Premise Software in 2007, to between
15 Percent and 20 Percent by 2010

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| Last month, we looked at user adoption plans and data to frame a typical
| roadmap of enterprise-level open source adoption. This month, we look in more
| depth at specific user business software categories, to see which will lead
| and which will follow on the path to open source.


News: Open-Source Solutions Alliance, Releases 2008 Web Business Market

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| The nonprofit, vendor-neutral organization dedicated to accelerating the
| growth of open source interoperability, The Open Solutions Alliance (OSA),
| has released its 2008 Predictions Survey findings, which polled open-source
| CEOs on forecasts for the coming year.


Grandchaos goes open source

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| Tcheleskov Ivanovitch announces the release of a first Grandchaos album on
| the Swiss label Urgence Disk Records.


Enhydra Shark 2.1-1, Open Source Workflow Engine, Released

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| Version 2.1.1 of Enhydra Shark has been released. Enhydra Shark is an
| open-source Java available workflow engine, with WfMC and OMG Workflow
| Management Facility compliant.


Open Source for the Rust Belt?

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| Yes, I bring up this idea to foster a home-grown open-source industry because
| I am a geek, but I truly think it makes sense. In countries such as India and
| Brazil, leaders have seen the value of promoting local solutions that not
| only decrease their dependence on Microsoft but also improve local expertise
| and create more jobs. Why can't a state or region develop its own economy as
| such, too? Start by promoting open-source solutions and open file formats in
| all levels of government, including schools. Follow up by offering students
| courses and degrees that give them the skills to compete to create those
| solutions.


osCommerce: The Industry's Past, Present and Future

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| This is the second in a series on osCommerce, the popular free, open-source
| shopping cart alternative, and the industry it has spawned.