A Note About Civility

,----[ Quote ]
| It is absolutely unacceptable for people to post threats in the comments.
| They will be deleted as soon as I see them. I was just made aware of one such
| threat posted over a month ago, and was appalled. I don't care if the threats
| are meant to be sympathetic towards me, it will be deleted.


Watch the comment. He already has a bounty of his head because of a patent
troll called Ray Niro.

FFII President Pieter Hintjens Has Stepped Down.

,----[ Quote ]
| According to the report cited above, FFII Vice-President Mr Barrionuevo
| (Spain) follows Mr Hintjens as FFII President.



Ray Niro Offers $5,000 Bounty For Information On My Identity

,----[ Quote ]
| Yes, Ray Niro has decided to offer $5,000 to find out who I am. According to
| the article, he wants to know "who is saying all those nasty things" about
| him. I don't think that's fair. I may have disparaged the validity of Acacia
| U.S. Patent 5,253,341, and I may have claimed that Niro was asserting
| the '341 patent against me just to shut me up, as he did to Greg Aharonian so
| many years ago (something that the article's author also implies), but that's
| not nasty. Is it? * * *