Singer wrote:

> "[H]omer" wrote in news:1avlr4-lgn.ln1@sky.matrix:
>> Brace yourself for the most cringe-worthy XPerience ... ever:
>> It's absotively faborific!
>> What's really scary, is that it's only thanks to "marketing" like this,
>> that Microsoft's products were propelled to their eventual position of
>> market dominance ... allegedly. So what does that say about the kind of
>> fungus-brains who could be influenced by such drivel?
>> Well just take a good look around at the likes of DooFy, Hardon & Co.
>> Say no more.

> Again, Linux is free.
> College students, in general, are poor.
> Windows cost money, lot's of money.

No it doesn't. You buy a computer and it's already installed. I had to wipe
windows to install Gentoo on my machines.

ie I paid the Microsoft tax, merely to get a computer.

> So where is Linux?

Right here.

> It's a simple concept.

Yes.... OEMs forced to install MS windows on all new machines.... and a
population that doesn't even know what an OS is.

> Imagine a Sandisk 30gb player for free.

> How many iPods would Apple be selling if that were the case?

Your analogy is false.

Hardware != Software.


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