iUnlock released: the first free, open source iPhone SIM unlock software

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| It looks like the battle's officially over between iPhoneSIMfree and the
| numerous unique groups of open source hackers trying to software SIM unlock
| the iPhone.


Iphone software unlock finally in the wild


Choice wins.

Very recent:

iPhone unlocking software: open source developers where are you? *

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| Meanwhile, an open source iPhoneSIMFree or software like it could provide a
| perfectly legal antidote to the restrictions currently in place.
| The question then is are there any open source developers out there smart
| enough to come up with this much needed iPhone cracking solution? Come on,
| the world is waiting for you to make your name. *



Closed iPhone opens road for Linux phones

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| With iPhone a closed platform, Linux gets an wide-open road for phones and
| other smart devices