China says suffers "massive" Internet spy damage

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| China has suffered "massive" losses of state secrets through the Internet, a
| senior official said, as China faces reports that it has raided the computer
| networks of Western powers.

China: Net spy damage has been 'massive'

The war of Windows zombies and back doors. And more FUD to shut down sites,
encourage censorship, end P2P and torrents....

And there's also this, which was mentioned a couple of days ago:

Indian Police Urged to Tap Cybercafes to Fight Terrorism

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| The keyloggers would be activated centrally as and when a suspect walks into
| a cyber cafe or when suspicious activity is noted, Mukhi said.

Does the keylogger have a Linux version? Or is it another way to make Windows a
standard, just as in that case with the 'pirate' that cannot use Linux because
the DoJ has Windows-only spyware?

It's that type of rubbish that will only encourage closed systems in the long


Convicted BitTorrent Admin Fights for his Right to Use Linux

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| Scott told TorrentFreak earlier: “I think that this whole situation is just
| one more way that they can impose their will onto me. It isn’t the fact that
| I have to be monitored that bothers me, it is the fact that I have
| restructure my life (different OS, different software on that OS) and that
| they would require (force) me to purchase software while I a currently
| unemployed and relatively unemployable with the 2 felonies that they gave
| me.”

China Crafts Cyberweapons

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| The Defense Department reports China is building cyberwarfare
| units and developing viruses.

Microsoft operating system caches secret surveillance programs on China?

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| Not long ago, Norton anti-virus software reported and eliminated two programs
| of Microsoft Windows systems, mistaking them for Trojan horse virus programs,
| which immediately led to a system collapse. Later Norton recognized that it
| had "misreported": the virus. *


Vista a 'threat' to the national security of India

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| As Mr Bombay Watcher says on his blog, Microsoft has a cosy partnership
| with the CIA, so perhaps the world should take care and caution when it
| comes time to upgrade. We're pretty certain Windows 3.1 would be a safe
| bet. He seems particularly worried about the national security of India,
| as it does, of course, have some conflicting interests with the US
| of A.

Russian expert: Terrorists may try cyberattacks

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| A Russian computer security expert predicts that terrorists could
| seek to target the country's critical infrastructure through
| electronic warfare, a strategy that could raise the stakes in
| how Russia handles computer crime.

Homeland Security sees cyberthreats on the rise

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| To test the nation's response to a cyberattack, the Department
| of Homeland Security plans to hold another major exercise,
| called Cyberstorm II, in March 2008, Garcia said. A first
| such exercise happened early last year.

FBI ducks questions about its remotely installed spyware

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| There are plenty of unanswered questions about the FBI spyware that, as we
| reported earlier this week, can be delivered over the Internet and implanted *
| in a suspect's computer remotely.

Back doors in Windows XP...

Mother of all spyware...

Police eats your CPU cycles and disk space (even without the user having access
to changes)...

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| Vista—Microsoft’s latest operating system—may prove to be most
| appropriately named, especially for those seeking evidence of how a
| computer was used.

Will Microsoft Put The Colonel in the Kernel?

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| "The kernel meets The Colonel in a just-published Microsoft patent
| application for an Advertising Services Architecture, which delivers targeted
| advertising as 'part of the OS.' *

German government admits it is already conducting online searches

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| Piltz called on the German government to block funding for the
| programming of software used in online searches; she also said it
| was urgent that the government "discontinue these searches until
| the German Supreme Court has reached a ruling on the matter."