Dispelling Myths Around ODF

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| Recent articles, reports and documents show that there are still a lot of
| misperceptions regarding ODF in the market. Apparently, many people are still
| not well informed about ODF even though they choose to write about ODF.
| Therefore, I thought it can't hurt trying to dispel a couple of myths around
| ODF.


Part of the Microsoft smear campaign against ODF. Another example (among so
many) of OOXML/ODF lies at the bottom.

China develops world's 1st Tibetan-language office software

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| China has released the world's first Tibetan-language office software, in an
| effort to facilitate the use of computers among Tibetans.
| The newly released "Neo-shine Tibet Office 3.0", jointly developed by China
| Standard Software Corporation (CSCC) and Tibet University, will push the
| development of Tibet's information industry, said Chen Ying, an official with
| China's Ministry of Information Industry.



Microsoft Loses, Spins Open XML Vote

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| ISO issued a statement that makes plain what Microsoft tried to spin as a
| victory.


Microsoft FUD Watch: OOXML Edition

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| Apparently, there is more than one way to stuff the ballot box.
| In all my years working as a journalist, I've never seen any technology
| company spin information the way Microsoft did today. The press release on
| OOXML ratification is a blueprint for spinning semantics, and the stringing
| together of truths and half-truths to seemingly make the outcome of one event
| something else altogether.


Microsoft spins OOXML loss as a win

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft lost its effort to win “fast track” approval of its OOXML (which it
| calls Open XML) as an international standard, but you wouldn’t know that
| from reading much of the press coverage.
| * Microsoft claims global support for Open XML.
| * Microsoft reports victory in preliminary ISO ballot.
| * Microsoft takes big step toward OOXML approval.
| * Microsoft is seen winning an international standard vote.
| * Strong global support for Open XML.


Why Microsoft deserved to lose the OOXML standards vote

,----[ Quote ]
| 1. Lobbying is legal. But certain lobbying tactics are not. Microsoft
| officials admitted that one of the company’s employees behaved
| inappropriately in Sweden,


Lord, what fools these mortals be!

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| No kidding. Microsoft continues to steam-roll the competition, as illustrated
| by its latest attempt to ram acceptance of OOXML through ISO by the blatantly
| rigging the vote. And of course the European's really love Microsoft's
| business practices. Not. No, Microsoft has the DoJ in their hip pocket thanks
| to the "pro-business" stance of the Bush administration, and as long as
| Bu****es remain in power and the Democrats remain inept and impotent, it's
| going to stay that way. Which leaves those of use who really believe in a
| free and fair market to fend for ourselves.