KDE 4 Brings Improvements Galore to the Linux Desktop

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| The next generation of KDE, the popular Linux desktop environment, has
| arrived. KDE 4.0 features a completely re-written core with new multimedia
| libraries, better hardware abstraction and
| desktop eye candy that puts Windows Vista to shame.
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The Linux Desktop Paradox

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| Your average computer user is used to either the Microsoft Windows or Apple
| Mac paradigm, in which the OS and the desktop are not disparate items.
| Microsoft has THE Windows desktop and Apple has THE Mac Desktop.
| But when it comes to running Linux, there is no Linux desktop. Rather, users
| have a choice of a collection of technologies, including GNOME, KDE, Xfce and
| others. Each respectively offers a different choice and a different Linux
| desktop. This is not just about choosing a different theme or screensaver;
| these are distinctly different technologies with different tools and
| applications.


KDE 4.0 (Today Released) Screenshots Tour


TCS :: KDE 4.0



KDE 4.0 Release Event Contest

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| The KDE 4.0 Release Event Team is pleased to announce a contest for the KDE
| 4.0 Release Event.


Akademy 2008 to be Held in Belgium

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| The annual KDE World Summit, Akademy, has found a home for 2008 in the heart
| of Europe, Belgium.