Tux Untangled: A Gateway Distro That's Easy to Use

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| As the official name indicates, The Open Source Network Gateway, is open
| source. As with most commercial open source offerings, you must buy the
| Professional Package to get some features, but surprisingly few. All of the
| core functionality is included in the OSS version; enterprise management
| goodies augment the product for the Professional Package offering.



Polytechnics to develop open source gateway

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| The development will be based on open source software to reduce total
| cost of ownership and deliver improved fit. Open source content
| management systems that handle community environments will be
| considered. ITPNZ lists several of these, including Joomla,
| Drupal and Wordpress among others.

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Ikanos Expands Into The FTTH Residential Gateway Market

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| Ikanos also provides a comprehensive suite of Vx170 software that
| includes operating system-independent drivers for Ethernet and
| integrated peripherals. Ikanos' Linux-based residential gateway
| software incorporates routing, bridging, wireless LAN access point,
| complete VoIP stack, packet classification, marking, QoS and
| bandwidth management.


Astaro Security Gateway 110

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| As with many other network security companies Astaro started life
| with a simple Linux based product that turned a donor system into a
| fully fledged firewall.


Tiny 2-Watt Linux system packs a light-weight Java runtime environment

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| The Gateway Express is based on the company's SA2410 Medallion CPU
| module, draws under two watts, and is available with IBM WebSphere
| development tools.


3500 IPTV DMG - Digital Media Gateway * *
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| As usual, while the site doesn't bother to say so, it's actually "Linux
| inside". It's becoming the norm to use Linux, so it's not even worth
| boasting.