Open-Source Tool To Catch Programming Bugs faster is on the horizon

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| The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the University of
| Texas, Arlington and their scientists and mathematicians are at present
| working on an open source tool that will catch programming errors through the
| use of what is referred to as “"combinatorial testing”."

Open Source bug hunters make progress

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| It's a story that probably got spun many ways, but the bottom line is good
| news for open source

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11 open-source projects certified as secure

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| Eleven projects made the list: Amanda, NTP, OpenPAM, OpenVPN, Overdose, Perl,
| PHP, Postfix, Python, Samba, and TCL.

Open MPI Project Partners with Coverity to Accelerate Advanced Computing

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| "We contacted Coverity because an Open MPI user recommended their advanced
| source code analysis technology. It is highly accurate and can scale to be of
| great value to the Open MPI project," said Jeff Squyres, a developer for the
| Open MPI project and high performance computing architect at Cisco.