VL64-5.9-beta1 Is released

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| The VectorLinux team is pleased to announce the first public beta release of
| VL64-5.9-beta1.


Kernel space: kerneloops, read-mostly, and I/O port 80

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| New kernel changes will help organize bug reports, use cache more
| efficiently, and prevent crashes on some x86-64 systems.



Linux guru offers sneak peek at Kernel Report

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| Jonathan Corbet is an active kernel contributor, co-founder and president of
| Linux development community news site LWN.net, and the lead author of Linux
| Device Drivers, Third Edition. His renowned Kernel Report has been presented
| to audiences worldwide, and this year in Melbourne will mark his fourth
| appearance at Linux.conf.au. Here, Corbet offers Computerworld readers a
| sneak peek at the major themes behind this year's Kernel Report. * *