Crybaby Rat Roy Shazzlewitz wrote:


"After dual-booting Ubuntu (at times 7.04 and 7.10) and Debian (first
Etch, then Lenny, then a couple of Lennies for a couple of days) on the
$0 Laptop (Gateway Solo 1450), I've said goodbye to Ubuntu for the time
being and decided to install the dependable Wolvix Hunter 1.1.0 (the
bigger of the two Wolvix distros) and keep Debian (still Lenny). After
"losing" two Ubuntu 7.10 installs to unknown causes -- both times
processes began slowing to a crawl -- I thought rolling back to Ubuntu
7.04 would give me something stable."

"But the boot process for 7.04 began stalling at something having to do
with the CD drive (I turned off "quiet spash" in GRUB so I could see
where it was dying). I'm thinking that either my laptop or Ubuntu itself
must be somehow cursed. One of the reasons I had Ubuntu installed,
besides the fact that it works pretty well (when it does work) with this
laptop, is that I can easily get Internet Explorer (via IEs4Linux) on
the box. There's one Web site I work on that absolutely requires IE, and
my need for such access could grow from minimal to critical at just
about any time. That hasn't happened yet. What I'd like to see is
updated instructions at IEs4Linux to get it set up on Debian. (As far as
Debian goes, IEs4Linux remains stuck in the Sarge era)."

"But suffering through three dead Ubuntu installs in a row has made me
weary. For one thing, I'm going back to separate partitions for /home.
That's how I have Wolvix set up. Wolvix can be run as a live CD, a
frugal install or a full install. I believe the frugal install saves
files in the same way as Knoppix and Damn Small Linux, and I want to be
able to access the partition when booting Debian, so I opted for the
full install. I don't think Wolvix provides updates in the way Debian,
Ubuntu and other "established" distros do. No matter. It runs even
better on this laptop than it did on the Maxspeed Maxterm thin client
(where Wolvix was tested along with another crop of distros in my gOS