Ubuntu Hardy Heron Alpha 3

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| The Ubuntu developers are moving very quickly to bring you the absolute
| latest and greatest software the Open Source Community has to offer. Hardy
| Heron Alpha 3 is the third alpha release of Ubuntu 8.04, and with this new
| alpha release comes a whole host of excellent new features.


[Screenshots] Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron Alpha 3


Shuttleworth on Bazaar and open-source project development

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| Sometimes open-source development projects plod along at a slow walk.
| Sometimes they develop at a gallop. Bazaar, the version control system from
| Canonical, is entering the Kentucky Derby.
| Bazaar 1.0, a distributed version control system used in Ubuntu Linux
| development, only arrived in early December. Now, the next version, Bazaar
| 1.1, is about ready for the starting gate. The first release candidate for
| 1.1 arrived on Jan. 5.


Damn Small BSD is Available

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| Damn Small BSD (DSBSD) is a small (50mb or less) FreeBSD live-CD desktop
| environment geared toward developers and system administrators, but we also
| include applications that the average user may find handy.



Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Alpha: A First Look

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| The first alpha release of Ubuntu 8.04 (codenamed Hardy Heron) was scheduled
| to be released today, but the official release has been pushed back until
| tomorrow. However, a preliminary CD image of this first alpha release for
| Ubuntu 8.04 LTS has surfaced today on the Internet. * *


Update: Hardy Theme Mockup Update: Hardy Theme Mockup

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| Mockups for Ubuntu Hardy Heron.


Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) Alpha 2 Screenshots

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| Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) alpha 2 has been released. This release includes
| Kernel 2.6.24, X.org 7.3, GNOME 2.21.4, PulseAudio, OpenOffice.org 2.3.0,
| GIMP 2.4.2, Firefox, Pidgin 2.2.2 and so on. You can download
| desktop and server CD installation images from here. The following are some
| screenshots of Ubuntu 8.04 alpha 2. * *


Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Hardy Heron Alpha 2 Screenshots