A Look Back at KDE 4 RC2++ and A Look Forward to 4.0

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| Once again, I have to applaud openSUSE’s KDE 4 packaging team. Outstanding
| job. My hat goes off the the KDE developers, the progress in the last few
| weeks has been incredible, and this release is shaping up to be phenomenal.
| We are stepping into the future tomorrow, and making a big jump. I respect
| the courage and hard work that has gone into KDE 4.0 and I cannot wait to
| install the release tomorrow.


Some love for GNOME as well:

Ubuntu Tutorial: How To Redesign Your Desktop The ‘WOW’ Way

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| I love Ubuntu as it is simply the best operating system that I have come
| across. If there is one thing that I dislike about Ubuntu, it has to be the
| desktop. Don’t get me wrong, it is not GNOME that I dislike, but the default
| color and theme that Ubuntu use for their distribution. I just can’t stand
| the brown color and theme.



KDE 4: like a dream on 256Mb/1Ghz/Intel!

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| And I was pleasantly surprised with how well it all works. With a "debugfull"
| build from SVN. With kwin_composite 3d eye candy, on Intel. With KDE 3
| libraries loaded too (for KPowerSave, since it's not ported yet). As they
| like to say here in Franconia, it's like "a'Traum".


Kubuntu gears up for KDE 4

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| The Kubuntu team plans to use Unidistro to make KDE 4 Kubuntu 7.10 CD images
| for the initial 4.0 release and subsequent minor releases. Only a small
| assortment of KDE 4 applications will be included by default in Kubuntu 8.04
| (which is scheduled for release in April), but those who wish to use KDE 4 by
| default in Kubutnu 8.04 will be able to use special experimental CD images
| that will be issued on a daily basis. * *