LINUX: Enterprise Engagement, the Missing Link

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| Some Free Software developers -- perhaps those operating from their
| garrets -- may ask, "Why do we need to commercialize Linux? It's fine as it
| is. It solves all my problems!" It's a fair question, for which we need a
| fair answer. Even Linus Torvalds has commented about virtualization, for
| example, 'I don't care ... I'm just not that interested in it.' We are glad
| they are so focused on the problems that are important to them; it has made
| the software GOOD.

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Linux Magazine’s Top 20 Companies to Watch in 2008

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| Who knows what the future will hold? Well, heaven knows we don't or we'd have
| already won the lottery a few times and retired to a private island
| somewhere. However, we can look at the past to make a few reasonable
| predictions-- such as the companies in the free and open source software
| community that are going to have a major impact on the market in 2008.


Top tech firms back Linux over Vista

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| ¬*A week before the launch of Microsoft's new Vista operating system, its
| open-source competitor Linux received a giant boost Monday as prominent
| high-tech companies announced they were forming a consortium to promote the
| free challenger.

Next Gen, Mission-Critical Apps To Be Deployed on Linux Says Report

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| By now it should be obvious to even the most casual industry observers
| that Linux operating systems - and open source-based software in general -
| have reached critical marketplace mass. Recent Linux deals and
| announcements by Oracle and Microsoft have only reinforced the "open
| source is enterprise-grade" message that IBM, Unisys and other "Master
| Brand" hardware, software and services vendors have been preaching for
| years. In short, open source, especially Linux, is becoming "legitimized"
| by the major vendors for enterprise environments, and user executives
| are more than happy to believe them.

CIO study finds Linux ready for prime-time

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| The company predicts a steep rise: only 18 percent of businesses
| will be using Linux in business-critical roles by the end of 2007.
| "Linux operating systems - and open source-based software in general
| - have reached critical marketplace mass," said the study's authors,
| Bruce Guptill and Bill McNee of Saugatuck Research.