'Open-Source' Journalism: Crowdsourcing the Media

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| Beating Censorship Worldwide
| In Myanmar in September, when the military killed several protesters, citizen
| reporters leapt into action to fill the traditional role of local and
| international media, which were heavily censored by the ruling junta. When
| Japanese journalist Kenji Nagai was killed in the line of duty, the first
| images of the event seeped out through an invisible news "bureau" -- a
| combination of blogs, Flickr photos, videos on YouTube Latest News about
| YouTube and even e-mail E-Mail Marketing Software - Free Trial. Click Here..
| Blogs such as the Burma Underground were filled with reports filed by Citjos.



Wired's Open Source Journalism Project Could Produce Rich Content

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| Well, today, Wired Magazine has announced a project that instead of
| fighting that trend, is using it to generate content. Wired has
| announced an experiment in new, new media called Assignment Zero
| that will investigate the wisdom, creativity, power, and potential
| of crowdsourcing...


Yahoo partners with Reuters on eyewitness pictures

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| Yahoo, in partnership with Reuters, is inviting the public to
| contribute eyewitness photos and videos of news events, in the
| latest move to turn spectators into on-the-spot journalists.


Ready for open source journalism?

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| The Internet sites of most newspapers have become part of their
| editorial strategy. Just look at leading papers such as the New York
| Times, the FT, the Wall Street Journal... Their business models is not
| always very clear to me (you can access articles and archive by
| subscription, pay for the particular article you are looking for,
| articles may be free up to a week after their initial publication...)
| but newspapers cannot live without the Web anymore.


Editing Horizontally: Thanks to Reuters, NewAssignment.Net Can Hire Someone

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| Today I am announcing at Comment is Free and PressThink that Reuters
| is giving $100,000 to NewAssignment.Net. That's the experiment I plan
| to launch next year with others who think there is something to the idea
| of open source journalism, where people collaborate peer-to-peer in the
| production of editorial goods.