Open Source Market is Getting Interesting

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| The company develops software and hardware designed to reduce the complexity
| of setting up Asterisk PBXs in order to shorten the set-up time and make
| Asterisk available for a wider range of users. The company’s tools and
| hardware are designed for use by Asterisk VARs and resellers.

Zmanda Launches Enterprise Data Backup and Archiving Solution for Amazon S3

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| Businesses using Zmanda's flagship backup software Amanda Enterprise can now
| tap Amazon S3 to easily and securely backup, archive and recover their
| valuable data, anytime, via the Internet. With Zmanda's support, the
| affordable Amazon S3 is available as part of a complete data backup and
| disaster recovery solution for businesses of all sizes.


Digium preps Asterisk Linux distribution

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| "We developed our own GUI [which is] similar to Trixbox [distribution],
| but the purpose of AsteriskNow is to provide a distribution built
| around Asterisk technology so people can use it without the GUI," he
| said. "The GUI is the same as the Asterisk Appliance that looks
| like a Linksys router that runs Asterisk and has analogue ports."

Linux dominating VoIP devices?

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| Trolltech says its development framework and software stack for mobile
| devices was selected by Skype as the preferred platform for Skype-certified
| VoIP (voice-over-IP) phones. Additionally, the Qtopia framework/stack has
| been used in about 40 VoIP devices, making it the "dominant Linux
| development platform for VoIP/WiFi devices," according to Trolltech.

Digium Takes Best of Open Source Software Award

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| Bossie judges singled out Digium for being the “most mature and scalable” IP
| PBX currently available.