The Review: Werewolf, Fedora’s Redeemer?

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| Fedora 8 is a distribution to beat. Its great features and much improved
| stability simply rocks. It may not be a distro that I can say is ideal for
| Linux newbies, but it is almost there. So, to answer the question: Is
| Werewolf Fedora’s Redeemer? In my own opinion, it is. It somehow revived
| Fedora from its previous blunders. I’m sure Fedora faithfuls will never be
| tempted to look at Ubuntu again. Can Werewolf help put Fedora back on top? As
| of the moment, Fedora is still ranked #4 in Distrowatch. If Werewolf will
| fail to do so, at least it will serve as a catalyst for future releases to
| take Fedora back to where it truly belongs. I think the only direction Fedora
| is going right now is certainly upward.


For 2008 media will create Red Hat-Ubuntu war

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| Here’s an easy prediction to make. In 2008 the media will gin up a “war”
| between Red Hat and Ubuntu for “control” of Linux.

Red Hat gets all charged up in Asia

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| The trend we're seeing is toward having different desktops for different
| users. Linux's flexibility means that we see it on a variety of devices like
| thin clients or the OLPC, for example. I'm expecting widespread deployment of
| Linux on the desktop fairly soon. *

Red Hat Preps Desktop Blitz, Regional Events

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| The VAR Guy hears. After focusing mainly on x86 servers in recent years, Red
| Hat will move both downstream and upstream while rallying partners at
| regional events later this year. *

Van Wyk aims to transform Red Hat for future growth

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| Coming up with that internal plan lies on the shoulders of 30-year IT veteran
| Nick Van Wyk. Van Wyk joined Red Hat last year from EMC, taking a newly
| created role as vice president of operations to optimize Red Hat's
| subscription model and create better business processes to support the
| company's channel. * *

Red Hat, Research In Motion lead early tech gains

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| Red Hat, Research In Motion lead early tech gains Red Hat Inc. shares rose 66
| cents, or 3.7%, to $19.60 after the open-source software developer on Tuesday
| reported a 65% increase in its second-quarter earning due to strong sales of
| its Linux operating system software. *

Tour of GNOME Online Desktop

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| Here’s a tour of the pre-alpha demo release of GNOME Online Desktop included
| in Fedora 8.

Red Hat Offers Global Desktop for Linux

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| With Red Hat launching a new Linux-based desktop operating system,
| called Global Desktop for Linux, one analyst is saying the software
| could be "huge" for Linux, particularly in developing countries that
| haven't gone the Microsoft Windows route. Red Hat's Global Desktop
| for Linux is a commercial spinoff of the One Laptop Per Child project.

Red Hat small business desktops available in Australia early 2008

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| According to Mr Riveros, Red Hat's new Linux desktop release will be easy to
| implement by small businesses with no Linux expertise in house and will
| require less security knowledge than for Microsoft Windows. *

Dell beefs up Precision portable workstation line

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| Dell is adding more power to its high-end line of mobile workstations with
| the debut of the Precision M6300, a 17" notebook geared at engineers,
| developers, video editors and others who need to tote around some serious
| silicon. *
| [...]
| RedHat Linux 5.1 will be available on the system in October.

The Future of Linux: An Interview with Kim Brebach

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| OSS: Even if Linux isn’t ready for home desktops just yet, can it hold up in
| a corporate office environment, especially given its greater security and
| cost effectiveness compared to Windows? *
| Kim: Linux can hold up anywhere, as long as there is some tech support,
| because it’s inherently more stable and secure than Windows.

IT Week leader: Red Hat in a new ring

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| Red Hat can no longer be aptly described as “the Linux company”. The firm
| might have made its name with a distribution of the operating system but its
| reach now extends far beyond those confines. *

Red Hat delays new software for PCs until January

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| She said Red Hat was postponing the product's release again because it has
| yet to resolve problems getting the right to distribute software for playing
| music and viewing videos with the Linux software. *

Dell's Latitude XT convertible laptop ready to ship

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| In China, it will ship with the Red Flag Linux OS.