KDE 4.0 Desktop blossoms

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| I have installed KDE 4.0 RC on OpenSUSE 10.3. I was just checking the
| installed version and found that we have an updated version (3.97.2-4.4) of
| kdebase4 and almost all kde4 packages in YAST. A simple YAST update took me
| to a much better looking KDE desktop.


Learning from D-Feet: a quick look at a new D-Bus debugger

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| John Palmieri of Red Hat is developing a new D-Bus debugging tool called
| D-Feet.
| [...]
| D-Bus used to ship with a very simple bus introspection tool, but that hasn't
| been around for several versions. I previously used DBus-inspector, which
| lacks some of the more advanced features of of D-Feet. KDE users might want
| to look at qdbusviewer, a D-Bus introspection tool that is included with Qt
| 4.



KDE 4 Is Almost Ready to Go

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| With this release candidate, the majority of KDE 4's components are almost
| ready for prime time. At the same time, with the final bits of Plasma , the
| brand-new desktop shell and panel in KDE 4, falling into place, Release
| Candidate 1 is the first preview of KDE 4.0 that is suitable for general use.