Why Isn't Microsoft More Proactive in Acquisitions?

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| Ever notice that Microsoft -- with cash to burn apparently -- waits for the
| obvious to become inevitable and then ends up paying huge premiums for
| companies in order to catch up to reality? We saw it with aQuantive,
| Softricity and Groove Networks.


Maybe the answer is below.

Earlier today:

Microsoft's acquisitions point man is departing (at MarketWatch)


ValueClick Sees FTC Probe Ending Soon

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| Vadnais also said recent acquisitions by Google Inc. and Microsoft Corp. of
| other companies in ValueClick's sector "haven't had any impact up until this
| point."
| Google's $3.1 billion cash buyout of DoubleClick Inc. still faces regulatory
| hurdles in Europe, and Microsoft's aQuantive Inc. -- which the company bought
| for $6 billion in May -- does not operate in many of the same areas as
| ValueClick, Vadnais said.



Google beats Microsoft, Coke in brand stakes

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| Google has knocked Microsoft off the top spot and been named
| the most powerful global brand of 2007 in a recently
| published ranking.