Thank [Deity of Your Choice] For Choice

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| My family are in the last category. At my house, the desktop PC runs Kubuntu.
| My 57-year-old mother-in-law surfs on it. My 4-year-old daughter draws with
| TuxPaint and Potato Guy on it. Neither have received Linux-specific training.
| Neither are even really aware or concerned about what OS they are using. Both
| can open and close applications, maximize and minimize windows, drag things
| around, and basically do what they need to do. Neither are aware that when
| the operating system updates, so does all the application software, but both
| like that their software is always there, working perfectly. The adults are
| especially impressed that the software "comes to you" rather than you having
| to go look for it on the web.


Even YiaYia loves Linux

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| Many people are still in denial that Linux is a viable alternative to Windows
| on the desktop. I have written numerous posts of my experiments with several
| Linux distributions and my dumping of Vista. In yet another post, I talked
| about my plans to switch my parents over to Linux.

Why I Will Recommend Linux To Family This Year

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| So, my approach to Linux in the family would be to start with the kids!
| Okay, I’ll give you a hint, I already have started with them on Linux, and
| it’s working.

Some Grubby Linux Games

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| Not being a gamer, I have never been concerned by the “lack of native Linux
| games” and have been happily using Ubuntu for 2 years now. I also converted
| the whole house so everyone is using Ubuntu - including my kids. My kids
| (ages 7 and 11) do like to play games a bit and I encourage it on Ubuntu as a
| way for them to become familiar with the operating system and familiar with
| computing in general. So what is a father, teacher, Ubuntu user and not
| overly pro-game person to do? * * *
| Enter Grubby Games.

Desktop Adapted for Dad

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| I set my father's computer up with a GNU/Linux operating system. One
| basic feature of Linux is that each user has their own login to the
| system, and normally you do not login to the system as the super-user.
| This limits what my father is able to do on the system as he is not the
| super-user. To my surprise my father was delighted that he was restricted
| in that way, because then he knows that he cannot break the system by
| accident.
| To conclude I would say that my experience with my father and other
| inexperienced computer users convinces me that the modern desktop software
| is not obvious but that with basic training it is very easy to use. I
| firmly believe that anyone can use a computer, but it is essential that
| users have a properly configured desktop suitable for their use, as one
| size does not fit all.

Linux for your grandmother?

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| I’m going with Kubuntu (my favorite desktop) although Opensuse is really nice
| for newbies to understand. Also, if you are going to try this project please
| use the OpenDNS servers for DNS so kids don’t end up on the wrong sites. *

The 10 Commandments for Windows Users

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| 1. Thou shalt not use the system without expecting a random reboot
| make sure you back files up, nothing quite like an unexpected reboot caused
| by windows updates.
| [...]

Making My Grandparents Leet Linux Users - Part 2

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| Thunderbird, along with Firefox, are overkill for most Grandparents. Simpler
| applications would be easier to use. Epiphany is a good Firefox replacement,
| but I am not familiar with any other lighter-weight email clients. *

Cutting the Velvet Chain

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| *Ed does what the "safe mode" help screen tells him to do. He finds and calls
| the number.
| *Ed stays on hold for 73 minutes using a toll number because he was told the
| hold time on the 800 number would be 30.
| *Ed reaches a tech support agent for his system and is asked a string of
| questions no casual computer user can answer.
| *After 49 minutes on the phone with the tech support agent, he is told that
| his system is broken and he must reinstall.
| *Ed dutifully holds while he is transferred and then reaches someone who
| convinces him that Vista is indeed his solution.
| *Ed dutifully goes to CompUSA to purchase Microsoft Vista.
| *Ed finds a sales person and inquires about Vista.

Making My Grandparents Leet Linux Users - Part 1

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| It was time for a new computer for my Grandparents. Their ancient Windows 98
| PC had become so slow that it was unusable. The replacement, an inexpensive
| Acer PC, came with Windows Vista preinstalled. It was up to me to set up the
| new computer and support it. So I decided to wipe out Vista with a Debian 4
| base install and set up an easy to use environment for my Grandparents. In
| this multi-part series I will tell you about how I did it, starting with my
| reasons for choosing Linux over Vista. * * *

Grandpa Gets a Dell with Ubuntu Linux Preinstalled

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| I'm very happy with my computer. I feel the price was reasonable, and the
| service was good. In fact, Dell appears to have gone to the "Scotty school of
| engineering" -- project how long you expect a project to take, then double
| the time. Then, when you come in under that time, you look like a whiz. *

Ubuntu for your grandmother.

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| They say its for geeks, they say its for nerds, they say its for those
| whose pinkie finger has the imprint of the enter key tattooed on it. We
| say its for your grandmother ! Yes my friends, I kid you not, for all
| of those who are afraid to dip their little toe into the great Linux-Lake
| let us reassure you : If your grandmother can do it ? So can you. Before
| we start , let me clarify : We are not talking about turning your
| Linux machine into a clustered database server with SQL, PHP, Apache,
| Samba and what have you. We are talking about the advantages of using
| Linux .. as a desktop.