Cinelerra is very easy - 1/3

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| So I chose to learn cinelerra and I discovered that, over first impression,
| it's a software very easy to use. The envy of the "Windows users" is
| priceless.


YouTube launches online editing tool

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| YouTube has begun offering a Web-based editing tool that is
| apparently provided by Adobe Systems.

Jokosher 0.9 released

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| Jokosher 0.9 is out! Go and download it! If you are running Ubuntu
| it is as simple as installing two packages. Even easier on Gutsy,
| it is available in the repositories.

Become a digital video editing guru using Linux tools

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| The whole process is not quick, and the software puts heavy demands
| on the CPU, RAM, and disk space. However, none of these problems is
| specific to Linux.
| As far as convenience goes, Linux may present a sharper learning
| curve, but this learning curve is worth the trouble. Once you find
| your way around all the steps, you will feel comfortable using the
| whole chain. The stability and predictability of the free software,
| as well as the active community of users and developers, is a
| huge asset.

Open Source Video Editing with Jahshaka

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| Not many free or open source video editing software suits exist and
| many people rely on commercial programs like Adobe Premiere to
| transfer videos from a camcorder for instance and edit / convert
| the video. Jahshaka is a open source video editing program that
| offers its users a huge functionality that can almost be compared
| to those commercial programs.

Video Editing: From Windows To Linux

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| At the end of the day, it looks like a proprietary option for my
| open OS. It's unfortunate that I could not have gone with something
| else from within the open source world, but I need clarity and power
| from my apps and frankly, only MainActor is offering me this for
| Linux at this point.

Easy video creation using only FOSS software

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| While digital video editing today is an affordable, popular activity
| for both the computer hobbyist and amateur cinematographer, many people
| seem to think that video creation under Linux is either impossible ort
| oo difficult for the average computer user. Not so! From video capture
| to editing to DVD authoring and encoding, you can create high-quality
| videos easily with free, open source software.