Lenovo's mystery handheld

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| No one--not even the PR people for Lenovo--could give me specific details.
| All they could say was that it is available in China, its home market, only.
| This video gives a bit more detail, including that it runs Linux and uses new
| 45-nanometer chips from Intel.


Lenovo appears to be giving up on Windows (gradually). More examples below.


Lenovo sells ThinkPads with Ubuntu preinstalled

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| As I discover later (read the official annoucement here (in German only) this
| offer is valid only in Switzerland since end of August already (but remained
| fairly unnoticed even I Switzerland). *


Lenovo Schweiz bietet erstes Dual Boot Notebook an


Lenovo opening the door for Ubuntu ThinkPads?

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| Lenovo finally started shipping SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop on its T-Series
| ThinkPads for its mainstream business users. Now, the company appears to be
| considering offering another Linux, very possibly Ubuntu, for the enthusiast
| market.


Lenovo - Linux Follow Up

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| I’ve been following the discussion in the comments with much interest and a
| few things are becoming clear to me:
| 1. That we’re spending way too much time on the enterprise market and not
| enough on the enthusiast market. Enterprises have been, and will continue
| to be, slow to adopt Linux for some of the reasons I outlined, but there
| are nonetheless a LOT of people running Linux out there, especially on
| their ThinkPads.


Only notebook owners need apply

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| They will be loaded with Novell's SuSE version of the open-source operating
| system, as well as the Open Office productivity suite, but overseas reports
| say Lenovo plans eventually to offer Linux on its consumer line as well. It
| already offers a dirt-cheap Linux PC in China.


Lenovo to sell laptops with Linux

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| The laptops are slated to go on sale in the fourth quarter of this year and
| will be sold to Lenovo's business customers as well as to consumers.


Lenovo Unveils Its Highest Performing Notebook: A Linux Workstation

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| Lenovo on Tuesday introduced its highest performing notebook, a Linux mobile
| workstation powered by an Intel Centrino Pro processor.


Lenovo says it will supply Linux in NZ pre-installed

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| Good news, we say. But we also have to ask, why not promote this option more?


San Diego rolls out laptops with Linux

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| For the project's hardware, San Diego is working with Lenovo to custom-design
| the laptops.
| Officials in San Diego--the second-largest school district in
| California, with more than 130,000 students--hope that by implementing their
| Always-On Learning Initiative cautiously instead of rushing head-first
| into the project, they will be able to avoid costly financial and
| technology mistakes that might hamper the initiative's progress.
| [...]
| For the project's hardware, San Diego is working with Lenovo to
| custom-design the laptops.


LCTP Series Linux Laptops

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| Pre-loaded Red Hat/Fedora Linux, Ubuntu Linux; distribution CDs
| included. Optional Dual-Boot Install with Windows XP.