Year of Linux Desktops?

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| Once again, it's the year of the Linux Desktop. Actually, it might be the
| eighth Year of Linux Desktops, because I stopped counting. However, I have
| shifted my main work machine from one running Windows XP to two running
| (right now) Ubuntu 7.10 and OpenSuSE 10.3. All my browsing, e-mail, and word
| processing work now takes place on a Linux machine.


A Microsoft Midlife Crisis?

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| Is Microsoft undergoing a midlife crisis? The software titan's recent mergers
| and acquisitions track record suggests as much. In an attempt to keep up with
| Google and other Web 2.0 stars, Microsoft looks as if it is getting pushed
| around at the bargaining table. The latest act of profligacy came yesterday
| when it paid a whopping premium to acquire Fast Search & Transfer for $1.2
| billion. * *