Scalix adds to Outlook support in its Linux e-mail server

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| Scalix is an open source mail server based on OpenMail, which runs on Linux
| servers, and uses e-mail standards such as POP, IMAP, SMTP, MIME and works
| with any standard Lightweight Directory Access Protocol directory.

Sadly enough, it is proprietary and it uses expensive Microsoft protocols
(they 'license' them), so it's a proprietary product built upon open source
and using (also paying for) Microsoft protocols. Another reason to boycott
OOXML, which presents the same issue.

I'll Show You My Mobile Linux Platform if You Show Me Yours

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| The business of establishing standards is ugly stuff, complete with
| politicking and dirty tricks and all that. Just look at Microsoft's effort to
| get OOXML approved by the ISO.


Xandros Acquires Open-Source E-mail Vendor Scalix

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| Vice president of finance Walter Lim will also leave the company; the sales
| support staff and the staff of engineers—a total of about 13 people—will all
| stay on with Xandros, Typaldos said. *