CES 2008: LinPus-A Linux Front End For Mobile Devices

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| At the Sands Convention Center Matt and I stumbled across LinPus Linux, a
| company that makes an interesting Linux GUI Front End for all sorts of
| devices. They were showing them off on what they call Ultra-Mobile PCs, but
| then as this week has proven more often than not, that moniker is quickly
| loosing its definition.



Linpus Linux Lite 9.4

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| Linpus Technologies has released Linpus Linux 9.4 "Lite", a specialist
| distribution designed for low-cost computers, such as Intel Classmate PC or
| Samsung UMPC. *


Acer TravelMate 5310-300508 Quick Review

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| So I opted for an Acer TravelMate 5310, in a configuration identical to this
| one -- except that it's not French (but U.S. English), and does not come with
| WinXP, but with Linpus Linux. *
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