Xbox will host BT's TV service

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| BT is teaming up with Microsoft to offer its television service via the
| software giant's Xbox 360 console.

And the BBC does the same thing (see first link at the bottom). Microsoft has
invaded Britain.

Speaking of the Nicolas 'Microsoft' Sarkozy (he's a puppet for Microsoft),
which was mentioned earlier, maybe the way to have it figured out is this:
stop watching YouTube (Google) which becomes expensive and watch more
corporate-owned (by Microsoft) media instead. Universities, for example,
opened up for coporations like Microsoft under Sarkozy's ruling, there's DMCA,
network filtering, and he was caught having a vacation at the home of former
Microsoft executive.

Sarkozy proposes new internet tax

Meanwhile, Erik Huggers of Microsoft (oops, he works for the *BBC* now) talks
about his decision to lock an entire nation to Windows and Microsoft DRM:

The Saga of Erik [Huggersoft]

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| But I do wonder how wide the purview will be when deciding what exactly
| is "in the best interest of the licence fee payer": defending fundamental
| principles of openness and neutrality, or just going for the cheapest deal in
| the short term? We shall see....

Utterly disgraceful. Corruption, as usual.


BBC courted for Xbox link

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| Microsoft was attracted to the BBC’s library of content and to
| high-definition programmes such as the award-winning series Planet Earth,
| Honey said.

Interview with Mark Taylor, Pres. of UK Open Source Consortium, by Sean Daly

,----[ Quote ]
| Q: Now, when you say a smoking gun, what exactly do you mean?
| Mark Taylor: Well, the -- (laughter) -- the thing is, the iPlayer is not what
| it claimed to be, it is built top-to-bottom on a Microsoft-only stack, the
| BBC management team who are responsible for the iPlayer are a checklist of
| senior employees from Microsoft who were involved with Windows Media. A
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| gentleman called Erik Huggers who's responsible for the iPlayer project in
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| the BBC, his immediately previous job was director at Microsoft for Europe,
| Middle East & Africa responsible for Windows Media. He presided over the
| division of Windows Media when it was the subject of the European
| Commission's antitrust case. He was the senior director responsible. He's now
| shown up responsible for the iPlayer project. * * * * *

The day Chile was Bought by Microsoft

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| Just today, a secret agreement between MS and the Chilean Government came to
| light. In it, every citizen was sold as a potential user of a Windows Live
| Spaces model where every SSN is linked to, overbypassing any privacy term and
| cashing Bill some bucks. It wouldn't be so awful to all if that agreement
| wasn't aprooved yet (Spanish follows). * *

Chilean Mapuches in language row with Microsoft

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| Mapuche Indians in Chile are trying to take global software giant Microsoft
| to court in a legal battle which raises the question of whether anyone
| can ever "own" the language they speak.