Yahoo tests support for OpenID

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| Yahoo appears close to implementing OpenID, a Web authentication standard
| that relieves people of the need to remember multiple passwords to log into
| different Web sites.

Google, Facebook add support for social content portability

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| The group's philosophy is that user photos, videos and other forms of
| personal data should be discoverable by and shared between their chosen tools
| and vendors, he added.

Top 10 Projects to Come Out of Google’s Summer of Code

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| Every summer since 2005, Google has offered what is essentially a paid
| internship to open source groups. Students are offered the opportunity to
| work with open source development groups to complete projects, often
| resulting in significant advances for both the student’s knowledge and the
| developments they’ve worked on. These projects, combined or otherwise, are
| some of the biggest successes we’ve seen come out of Google’s Summer of Code.
| # Gaim: The Gaim instant messaging project benefited greatly from Summer of
| Code, getting helpful updates that made it into the client’s 2.0 version,
| Pidgin.
| # Neuros OSD: This audio/video recording and playback device is committed to
| open source, but had non-open source DSP code in order to get on the market
| faster. Google Summer of Code students created an open source “bridge” that
| enabled open source codecs to be used...


The Google Highly Open Participation Contest

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| Following on from the success of the Google Summer of Code program, Google is
| pleased to announce this new effort to get young people involved in open
| source development. *

Open-source software gamble for Google

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| Can something you give away for free turn into a gold mine? That's the
| multimillion-dollar question Google Inc. is betting on with its push into
| open-source software.

Amarok's Summer of Code Review

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| Read on to learn about two innovative additions to the Amarok project.

Google Summer of Code

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| Accepted student applications for Google Summer of Code have been
| announced! We accepted over 900 student applicants from a pool of
| nearly 6,200 applications.

Google Launches "Google Developer Day"

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| The intention behind Google Developer Day sounds somewhat similar to "Hack
| Day" -- an annual one day gathering that rival Yahoo has been hosting in
| its Sunnyvale, California abode inviting software developers to get
| together and experiment with Yahoo applications.

Google Grants - Free Advertising for Open Source Non-profits

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| Programs like Google Summer of Code can really help raise awareness of
| your project, but you may want to learn about another Google program
| that may be able to help give your project more visibility.
| The Google Grants program, currently in beta release, uses Google
| AdWords to help nonprofits spread their messages to a wider audience
| by providing them with free advertising on


(Google) Speaking of Summer

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| Google Summer of CodeTM 2007 is on! Last year, Google funded over
| 600 students in 93 countries to work with 100 open source groups.
| We're extremely happy to announce that we'll be holding Google
| Summer of Code again this year.