Coverity work spun backward

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| 11 open source programs certified as secure. That is Robert Vamosi’s headline
| over at News.Com. As if all the others are insecure? As if closed source
| programs are, by definition, secure?
| That’s far from the most egregious headline. Open Source Code Contains
| Security Holes. That’s from “Information” Week. I put the term “Information”
| in quotes because that headline is deliberately misinformative.

Far from the first time DisinformationWeek misleads, lies, and spreads Linux
FUD. It also touts those anti-Linux ads in most Linux-related pages.

On the other hand:

PHP, Perl and Python pass Homeland Security test

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| Coverity, which creates automated source-code analysis tools, announced late
| Monday its first list of open-source projects that have been certified as
| free of security defects.

It happens to be DisinformationWeek which also started the anti-GPL/McAfee
crusade with an alarming headline and a Slashdot shove. It tried to echo
Ballmer's "GPL is a cancer".

McAfee claims open source legal concerns are much ado about nothing

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| [McAfee:] “It is standard practice for public companies to include an
| extensive list of potential risk factors in their 10-K filings. We included
| in that list of factors is reference to potential licensing risks associated
| with open source software. This risk factor has been included in previous
| McAfee filings and is similar to current filings from other companies in the
| technology space including Symantec, Oracle and many others,” said Evers in
| an e-mail to ZDNet.
| [...]
| Still others including our own Dana Blankenhorn points out that McAfee —
| which has been openly disdainful about open source security — acknowledges
| that the company’s software may have become “infected” with some GPL


Some New FUD Is Born - And a New Wallpaper for Edubuntu

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| I thought about all this today because of this article, "Sparks Fly As Linux
| Kernel Guy Quits In a Huff," by Alexander Wolfe on Information Week, part of
| his theme song on "Reasons Why Linux Won't Succeed on the Desktop." You wish. *
| [...]
| Has Information Week declared a jihad against Linux or something?

Misleading InformationWeek GPLv3 article

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| Linus's position is clear. He's repeatedly said that he'd use GPLv3 in
| certain situations if there was a practical advantage, but he prefers v2 over
| v3. That's fine. I prefer v3, but v2 is still a great licence. *

InformationWeek Declares SCO v. IBM Over and IBM Won. Huh?

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| What is going on at InformationWeek? Let me guess. Nah. You are sophisticated
| enough to figure it out. But I think it's clear there is afoot an attempt to
| create the impression of some schism in the FOSS world. *

InformationWeek opens its mouth to change feet (GPLv3)

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| InformationWeek have posted a follow-up article. In trying to respond to
| recent criticism about misrepresenting facts regarding Linus Torvalds and
| GPLv3, InformationWeek has managed to show exactly how incorrect their first
| article was.

[InformationWeek:] IBM Helps Fund Web Hosting For Anti-SCO Site Groklaw

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| Paul Jones said the funding from those companies didn't influence
| his decision to provide free hosting to Groklaw on ibiblio's
| servers. "We have a collection criteria, and Groklaw meets that
| criteria," he said.